Aim- Medic

Aim-Medic is designed for your urgent medical needs. Be it to pay for an urgent hospital admission buy medical equipment, maternity, dental, eyecare or any therapy, we provide flexible financing options at attractive profit rates. 

Aim- Edu

Aim-Edu is designed for you or your family members to pursue higher education. Education is the passport to the future. So, let’s prepare today and enjoy our attractive profit rates. 

Aim- Vehicle

Whether it is a new car, new bike, or any new vehicles we at AIM Digital can make your big dreams come true with the right package. Don’t let the cost stop you and enjoy the journey with our attractive profit rates. 

Aim- Home

AIM-Home gives you the opportunity to build your home. From paying the down payments, buy home appliances, renovating, purchasing land, paying rental or relocate. Enjoy making your home a better place to live with our attractive profit rates.

Aim- Biz

You execute business, we at AIM Digital executes financial help for your business. Be an entrepreneur, innovator, and adventurer. Take advantage of our attractive profit rates. 

Aim- Personal

We care for you and your personal needs be it for savings paying bills, festival expenses, buying devices or planning a vacation trip. Enjoy the comfort of life with a smile and our attractive profit rates.